Skyler deserves a home other than the hospital


Today’s adoption candidate on Wed’s Child lives at the hospital.  Seriously.  For all of her two years on this earth, she’s been in the care of hospital staff.  Despite all that, Dave Courvoisier reports that she’s a smart, bubbly and adoptable little girl.

Seeing her, you’d never guess that Skyler has had no end of medical issues since birth, and parents who couldn’t handle it.  Despite all those strikes against her… Skyler has stolen the hearts of the hospital staff.

“She’s the happiest girl in the world but she doesn’t know any different. She doesn’t know what it’s like to be not this. It’s really not fair,” says Abigail, one of the nurses caring for Skyler.

Skyler doesn’t miss a thing.  She loves to play.  ‘reacts when anyone is in the room.  Verbalizes all sorts of sounds, and amazes everybody who meets her – with her attitude.

“Look at her… she’s adorable.  She’s sweet she’s resilient she’s strong. She’s been through so much, and she’s just… the cutest thing in the world. How could you not love her?” exclaims Abigail.

Not to sugar-coat things.  Skyler will probably need close medical attention for the rest of her life.  But nothing someone couldn’t be trained to do at home.

“Ideally, I would love if the family had some medical background just so that they can look to be right for her. But the hospital is more than willing to provide training and for families who think they’re right for and i think with the right home Skyler would flourish,” says Liz, the DFS Adoption Recruiter for Skyler.

Skyler is making the best of her life as a patient, but only because she knows little else

“This is the only life that Skyler has ever known and it’s normal to her and were going to get her into a forever family or she can have a normal childhood just like everybody else,” adds Abigail.

Indeed, the medical care is a given… It’s the love of a parent that she lacks.

“I think the love you have for your children kind of will give you the ability to make things work and overcome obstacles. I think that’s exactly what’s missing here,” says Liz.

If you think you have the special qualities it takes to be Skyler’s family, call the Adoption Exchange at 702-436-6335

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