Skye Canyon Marketplace brings new businesses, restaurants to northwest valley


The Skye Canyon Marketplace is coming to life!

Several restaurants and offices are being built in the far northwest valley and people who live in that area are eagerly waiting for them to open.

Bill Sanders is one of many people who spent his Sunday at the Smith’s in Skye Canyon. It opened last year, and now, several storefronts nearby are currently under construction.

“I love it. I think it’s great. We need it out here, especially with Skye Canyon developing, it’s great,” Sanders said. “[It’s] just something new, something different.”

Pictures recently posted on the Skye Canyon Facebook page give a glimpse of the progress. Residents say they can’t wait to have easy access to a variety of restaurants, like Cafe Rio and Tropical Smoothie Cafe – and businesses, like a nail salon and a dentist office.

“It just takes a couple minutes to get there, versus 20 minutes to drive down to Summerlin or something like that,” said Julie Waite, who lives nearby. “It’s really nice, and there’s a variety, so you have choice and it’s convenient.”

Event people who do not live in the area are excited. That includes Tena Oehler, who came grocery shopping at Smith’s.

“We were going to buy a home up here and we didn’t want to because there was no development, the closest grocery store was down on Durango and so unfortunately, we built in North Las Vegas, but we come up here probably once, twice a month just to go shopping at Smith’s,” Oehler said. “I love it, and I kind of wish we would’ve moved out here.”

While the reaction to the business boom in Skye Canyon has been mostly positive, some residents say there are still some concerns about all the development.

“A little scary too. Traffic,” Waite said. “It’s just more people, it’s more people.”

Still, most people can’t wait. And some, like Sanders, are even thinking ahead.

“I would love to see more,” Sanders said.

Developers say the restaurant and retail options should be ready for business by the end of the year.

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