Silverstone homeowners fight to keep golf course


Residents of Silverstone Ranch Golf Course are fighting to get the course reopened. The previous owner claims to have sold the property because of the high cost of water.

Hundreds showed up at a heated community meeting Tuesday night in the northwest valley.

Since the sale, water to the golf course has been turned off and the grass is quickly turning brown.

so far no watering here that we can see at this now shut down silverstone golf course.

8 News NOW contacted the attorney of the previous owner. The attorney said the former owner was paying as much as $1 million a year to keep the grass on the course green.

“It was more than just a surprise, it was just a bad shock,” said Michele Bradford, a homeowner.

She has lived in the community for almost four years and golfed on the course every week.

“I can’t recognize the course,” she said.

Now she like many of her neighbors are upset the club has closed with no notice and the new owner of the property, a company called of Desert Lifestyles is refusing to maintain the property by not watering the course.

“This is going to be a battle and an epic fight,” Councilman Steve Ross said.

Things got heated at the Silverstone HOA meeting Tuesday night as residents, along with Las Vegas Councilman Steve Ross, demanded the course be kept up.

An 8 News NOW camera was rolling as an attorney for the HOA tried  to keep channel 8 out of the meeting, even though the homeowners had invited the media.

“Jointly we need to fight the new owner as opposed to being fractured,” homeowner Melanie Hill. “The lake is nearly empty and the fountain hasn’t been on.”

Hill says she’s not waiting for the HOA to take action, she’s hired an attorney to force the new owner to water the course.

“I don’t want to look at houses in my backyard or dead grass for the next three years,” she said.

It’s a fight Michelle Bradford will also take on for the community she plans to live in for the rest of her life.

“This was going to be our last stop and now everything is up in the air,” she said.

There is no word yet from the new owner on their plans. All they have said in a statement is that they shouldn’t be required to “subsidize someone else’s golf game or operate an asset that has no economically viable use to anyone except a privileged few.”

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