LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Property officials have secured the area outside La Bonita Supermarket on Eastern and Desert Inn after a partial building collapse Friday. They are now assessing the damage that left four people hurt and many others shaken.

Many regular customers say they didn’t even know what happened. They came to do their weekend groceries only to find their favorite supermarket in rubble on Saturday.

Rebecca Gilliland comes to the La Bonita almost every day, and she thought Saturday would be no different.

“I’m in shock, total shock,” said Gilliland. “I was looking for the store and I said ‘where is the sign, La Bonita’ I was thinking I made the wrong turn.”

Gilliland was just there the day before the collapse and says everything seemed completely normal.

She was one of many customers who didn’t know what happened when she came out to the supermarket Saturday.

“I thought I went to wrong parking lot… I can see a little sign saying La Bonita,” said shopper Jose Pinero.

Many came by to see the destruction for themselves

“It is a good thing this didn’t happen when they had the mandates and people were social distancing and lining up right here that would have been a disaster,” said Pedro Reyes.

Shoppers tell 8 News Now the grocery store was very popular, and the parking lot was always full, but now the collapse is causing businesses nearby to feel the impact of less foot traffic.

“Traffic is usually in and out. Due to La Bonita being closed right now it’s been a little show I have had a couple calls to see if we are still open,” said Aldo Madrazo, owner of La Neveria Ice Cream Shop.

Right now, there is still a fire danger. State fire officials have been on scene since Friday keeping an eye on the property for any sparks that may come up.

Some workers on site are also going to every business in the shopping complex to make sure their structures are secure. They say clean-up might start next week.