Shooting results in increased police presence at Canyon Springs HS


There will be an increased presence on and around campus today at Canyon Springs High School. This after a student was shot and killed near the school’s baseball fields on Sept. 11. 

North Las Vegas Police originally believed there were three victims at Canyon Springs High School in a shooting Tuesday afternoon, which triggered a massive response to the area from authorities. They came to find out that one student had been fatally shot near the edge of campus. 

“This was a school. That’s why there was a large response,” said NLVPD Acting Chief Justin Roberts. 

Hundreds of people called 9-1-1 with multiple people reported seeing an active shooter on campus. 

“It was initially believed that it was an active shooter. Once officers arrived, there was a single victim. That victim was attended to and transported and later died at UMC,” said Roberts.

Dozens of police officers swarmed the high school. Canyon Springs was immediately put on lockdown. 

As many as 500 magnet students and athletes were still on campus during the police response. 

“He couldn’t tell me too much. Just that they were on lockdown and he couldn’t get out of the school and somebody needed to pick him up. I didn’t know what was going on,” said parent Bryan Barnes.

Superintendent Jesus Jara praised administrators and teachers for following their training and keeping students calm until the lockdown was lifted.

“The response was exactly what it should be,” said Roberts. 

Police say they do not believe this was a random act and the victim may have been targeted. 

“We gotta find a way to fix this situation because it’s happening too often throughout the country not just here in Vegas,” said Barnes. 

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