Shelters prepare for fireworks frightened animals


LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Thursday and Friday will be the busiest days of the year at shelters like the Animal Foundation. Last year, they took in hundreds of dogs that ran away, frightened by fireworks.

Less than 30 percent are ever reunited with their owners.

Planning ahead can make it more likely you will be reunited with your pet. First and foremost, make sure your pets have collars and their tags are up to date. Better yet, if your pet is micro-chipped with your most current contact information that makes it very easy for shelter workers to contact you.

 You can minimize the risk of runaways by bringing your pets inside on the Fourth of July. The best place is an interior room, possibly a bathroom or laundry room with no windows. Turning on a radio or TV helps drown out the noise.

“Maybe something with a little bit of bass to it, so that bass sound of the fireworks getting shot off kind of gets canceled out by the music and just leave them be,” said Cathy Brooks, The Hydrant Club.

Brooks says don’t assume your yard is safe. Fear and adrenaline can make your dog jump higher or dig deeper than you expect.

Starting Wednesday, July 3, the Animal Foundation will waive all fees for picking up runaways. That will continue through July 10.          

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