Severe weather moves homeless from washes to neighborhoods; residents frustrated


Severe weather isn’t the only thing causing trouble for neighbors living near flood channels.  The homeless community lives in washes throughout the valley.  Many of them prepare for the storms by moving their belongings out of the wash to higher ground, which is becoming an eyesore for homeowners.

“When it rains it comes fast. you’ve got minutes to get out of there,” said Andy Hammond, homeless.

Kevin Fitzgerald lives near Eastern and Flamingo.  According to him, some of the transient community has been preparing for the storm by moving their belongings out of the wash into his neighborhood.

“It’s just absolutely disgusting,” Fitzgerald said.  “They leave their trash everywhere and with the winds around here, it gets blown all over the place.  “My backyard; all that crap comes right over.” 

Andy Hammond has been homeless in Las Vegas for two years.
He says, he understands residents’ concerns, but wants them to know the situation is temporary.

“I feel bad for people who bought homes and there’s people just kind of walking around with shopping carts,” Hammond said.  “It makes their area look bad but at the same time have a little compassion for these people.” 

“That’s all a person has; that’s his life,” said Hammond.

Fitzgerald says the issue has been going on all year.

“It can be from one person;  we’ve had as many as 15 people down there.  It’s terrible,” Fitzgerald said.

Monsoon season will last until September, which is too long for frustrated homeowners and the homeless community.

“Pushing around a shopping cart with all your belongings: Trust me it’s not something to be proud about,” said Hammond.

For concerned residents, there are different homeless resource and outreach programs in the valley. 

Some of them, including the Shade Tree and the Salvation Army, can be contacted at any hour of the day. You can also contact 211 for more assistance. 

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