The mass shooting in Las Vegas Sunday night has deeply affected southern Nevada.  8 News Now anchor Christianne Klein interviewed Senator Dean Heller (R) Nevada about the tragic events and what he believes should be a focus for our region and state. 

Heller traveled with President Trump on Air Force One to Las Vegas Wednesday, and took the opportunity to lobby for more federal funding for the region to combat potential acts of terrorism.

Klein also asked Heller his reasoning for supporting legislation currently in Congress that would ease restrictions on silencers on firearms and whether he believed bump stocks should be legal.

Bump stocks effectively transform a semi-automatic weapon into an automatic weapon.  While noting that the ATF approved the firearm addition during the Obama Administration, for the first time, Heller acknowledged that he would be open to restricting bump stocks- although he would prefer the President address this through a reversal by the ATF.  

Heller said, “in my opinion we need to have that discussion all over again. Frankly what I’d like to see is the President reverse it by regulation – if they put it in place by regulation instead of going through the whole political process of both Houses and the President I think the ATF should reverse it.” “I had that discussion with the President this morning- I think he’s gonna take a look at it.”