Second Rejuvenice Cryotherapy facility shuts down


A second location for Rejuvenice Cryotherapy was shutdown Tuesday.

According to the Nevada Department of Business and Industry the facility located at 8751 W. Charleston Blvd. has closed.

The state of Nevada issued a ‘Stop Work Order’ for the Rejuvenice Cryotherapy where a female employee died.  Chelsea Ake-Salvacion, 24, died at the business located on S. Eastern Avenue last week.

She was found in a liquid nitrogen cryogenic chamber where it’s believed she froze to death. 

“She loved the services; there were so many benefits to cryotherapy,” Hailey Cap, Rejuvenice Manager said.  “It’s something we all really believe in.”

Ake-Salvacion was alone at the business when her death occurred.

University Medical Center’s Chief of Staff Dale Carrison says when it comes to any procedure, including cryogenic, people have to do their research and weigh the risks and benefits.  He says it wasn’t a good idea for Ake-Salvacion to go into a cryotherapy chamber alone after hours.

“It’s like going into an operating room with no help and operating on yourself probably not a good strategy,” Carrison said.  “Unfortunately she paid for it with her life.”

According to the notice posted on the door of the facility, Rejuvenice has failed to secure or maintain mandatory workers’ compensation and is ordered to close immediately.

Authorities also say the business was not licensed to operate. The Nevada State Board of Cosmetology ordered Rejuvenice on S. Eastern Avenue to shut down Monday because the business didn’t have a license to perform skin and other aesthetician services that were advertised.

“All of the facials that we do permit are from the surface of the skin outward, this is from the surface of skin inward,” said Gary Landry, Nevada State Board of Cosmetology.

Cap says aside from administering aide with the cryo chambers where temperatures drop 240 degrees below zero — she also helped with cryo-facials.

Clark County said the owners, who couldn’t immediately be reached for comment, had applied for a business license in July, but it had not yet been approved.

Landry says the technology Rejuvenice is using hasn’t been studied enough, and they don’t license any facials that go below the surface of the skin. He says their ongoing investigation has nothing to do with the death of Ake-Salvacion.

Police said the death doesn’t appear to be suspicious.

Cap says she’s still shocked over the death of her good friend and co-worker.

“She’s a great person, and she had the biggest heart.  She just loved everyone,” Cap said.

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