Sandy Valley residents describe 4.5 earthquake


A magnitude 4.5 earthquake hit about 40 miles west, southwest of Las Vegas Thursday morning. The U.S. Geological Survey recorded it near Sandy Valley.

This is the second of two earthquakes to rattle the area within 48 hours. 

The Sandy Valley Center is an area of town where people gather, go to the post office, and grab a bite to eat.

“Well, there was an awful boom and then a shaking and the shaking was quite hard,” said Jim Black, Sandy Valley resident. “The glass top table in the kitchen, had to hold onto because it was shaking so hard.”

The U.S.G.S. recorded the earthquake before around 8:15 a.m. So far, it’s the largest in the state this year.

“It was like, short,” said Tommie Lairson, Sandy Valley resident. “It wasn’t really long or anything.”

Lairson and her friends were talking about it at the Cluk-n-Moo Cafe in town.

“No damage really to speak of,” Lairson said. “All my animals seem fine they weren’t upset and I looked around the neighborhood as I came down here and I didn’t see any particular damage.”

“I heard earthquake. Earthquake? Where in the heck was the earthquake,” asked John Nostrand, Sandy Valley resident.

He was among some in the southern part of the valley who didn’t experienc any effects. 

“I didn’t feel a thing. So, I was surprised to hear that we had one.”

A surprise for all but a question now remains for Lairson.

“I wonder about aftershocks now,” she said.

There haven’t been any reports yet, but this was the second earthquake in 48 hours to rock the nearby area. The first one happened about a day ago with a recorded magnitude of 1.7.

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