Weeks after its release, Pokemon Go shows no signs of slowing down. As players roam the valley searching for Pokemon, some are being targeted by crooks.

With eyes focused on the screen, many players wander into some questionable areas in search of the next valuable character.

“I’ve seen people walking into the streets, trying to catch Pokemon Go and not being aware that there’s cars in the streets,” said player Lindsay Kido.

The virtual world of Pokemon leads many players into real world danger.

During the past week, two unrelated robberies of Pokemon Go players happened in two local parks; one incident included a shoot-out.

“The fact that people are targeting Pokemon Go players is scary, but I think as long as you stay safe, then you have nothing to worry about,” said Kido.

“The crazy is getting kind of weird, kind of crazy for this game, and I’m trying not to get into it that much where I’m obsessed going out in the middle of the night,” player Paul Dewald said.

Players say using a buddy system is one way they are staying safe while trying to capture the virtual creatures.

“It’s never a good idea to be by yourself as a woman and, I think, in unlit parks,” Kido said. “I’d never go there. Just staying with a group of friends, you’re in a lot safer spot.”

Others say they try to stick to only hunting Pokemon during the day. One player said, if he plays at night, he sticks to going to the Strip where it’s well-lit, and there’s a strong police presence.

In that shootout earlier this week, the victim was armed with a concealed carry firearm. Both the suspect and victim suffered gunshot wounds.

Players say they are also concerned about people playing the game while driving.