It is Girl Scout cookie season — but this year, a group of Las Vegas Girl Scouts are doing something a little different.

Girl Scout Troop 220 is partnering with Rolled Ice Cream, to whip up some cookie-inspired creations. The local business is buying several boxes of the special snacks to make one-of-a-kind ice cream concoctions. And it is all because of one troop member’s sweet tooth.

“I love Rolled Ice Cream, so I love Girl Scouts too, so I was like, this would be a good idea if they had some of the Girl Scout creation cookies in some of their creations,” said Adeline Lopez, a member of Girl Scout Troop 220.

There are five flavors to go along with each of the five Girl Scout cookies: Scout Mint (Thin Mints), S’mores Badges (S’mores), Tag-Rolled It (Tagalongs), Samoa Magic (Samoas), and Coffee & Toffee Hike (Toffee-tastic). The cookies are mashed up and mixed in with the ice cream. And when each order is rolled and ready to go, it is capped off with another cookie.

Rolled Ice Cream says it is excited to support the Girl Scouts in any way it can, including selling their new creations.

“They do a great job of getting young girls started on the right foot, so we thought it was an important cause to help out,” said Rolled Ice Cream owner Ted Sumi.

Troop 220’s goal is to sell 10,000 boxes. The proceeds will help fund a group trip and a special community project. But the read reward for the girls are the smiles they hope to see on customers’ faces.

“If people come get our ice cream, it just makes me really happy to see people are buying Girl Scout creations,” Lopez said.

The Girl Scout cookie flavors will be available from February 23 to March 31, or while supplies last. They will be sold at all Rolled Ice Cream locations is Las Vegas.

Here is a list of where you can go to get the delicious desserts:

9484 W Flamingo Rd

Las Vegas, NV 89147

United States

4870 Blue Diamond Rd
Unit 100
Las Vegas, NV 89139
United States

9500 S Eastern Ave
Unit 110
Las Vegas, NV 89123
United States

7920 W Tropical Pkwy
Unit 150
Las Vegas, NV 89149
United States