The Smith Center for the Performing Arts recently awarded 20 Clark County School District teachers with Heart of Education awards, honoring their outstanding work with students.

One award-winner was Jeffrey Hinton, a History teacher at Advanced Technologies Academy, who started an after-school music program called Rock 4 Change Las Vegas.

Rock 4 Change is a program the founder, Mr. Hinton wished was available when he was a kid.
The students meet after-school, learn their instruments, and connect musically jamming together as a real band!

What separates Rock 4 Change LV, is they’re playing music from their heart for those those in need, for their community, music meant to support others.

Upcoming benefit concerts and holiday concerts are being planned, with their proceeds going to Project 150.
Mr. Hinton would love to see Rock 4 Change in any school that would have it. Beyond helping others, these students, this band, they’re now good friends.

And Rock 4 Change students are proud, but not surprised, by their talented teacher Mr. Hinton winning the prestigious Heart of Education award.