NORTH LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Dental care can cost people who don’t have insurance thousands of dollars a year. So, it’s always helpful when they’re able to receive dental treatment for free. On Labor Day, one local organization stepped up to give people new smiles for free.

Each year Risas Dental and Braces located in North Las Vegas puts on a ‘Labor of Love’ event where they offer free dental service. The Risas office is packed with people, and all of the chairs are filled as 100 kids, parents, and older adults get their teeth cleaned, x-rayed, and pulled. The dentist even fills cavities.

“The mouth is very much neglected in most people,” said Dr. Benjamin Menlove, Risas of Las Vegas. “Oral health, if it’s neglected, can affect your overall health in a big big way.”

Lounge chair, umbrella, and side table in tow, Dennis Hipsher was 11th in line at Risas Monday.

“It’s really important for those of us on [a] low income,” said Hipsher. “I’ve got dental insurance, but it caps out at a thousand dollars, and my dentist tells me I need six grand worth of work.”

Dentist and dental hygienists at Risas felt good about to giving back and providing a fresh start.

“We find it very rewarding,” said Dr. Menlove. “It’s an opportunity to help people and provide them something that puts a smile on their face and put them in a better position to move on.”

“It’s nice to have it taken care of; it takes a load off,” Hipsher said.

Risas also caters to low-income families offering various plans.