Residents voice concerns over proposed apartment complex


Las Vegas is ever changing. The demand for housing has increased and developers are looking to make their mark, but some residents aren’t too happy about it. 

Dozens of people voiced their concerns Wednesday night to stop a developer from building two apartment complexes in their neighborhood.

The first complex would be located next to Sprouts near Warm Springs Rd. and Rainbow Blvd. The other one would be located right next to the Nevada Trails Park.

“We need to keep it residential so the tenure of the neighborhood and the friendliness and warmth of the neighborhood is maintained,” said resident Michael Hoots. 

Hoots says the complex could essentially change the landscape of his community. 

“I think single family homes are what we need over there or condominiums. Apartments, as most people have said, they change the neighborhood. It would definitely bring down the value of my home. So, i’m concerned about that,” said Charles Holifield. 

The developer, Nate Carlson from Wolff Companies, is looking to change the zoning of the area to a multiple family residential – high density zone.

“This is not the time to start rezoning a residential area and to cram a 12.6 acre high-density apartment building complex right in the middle of an established residential area. It’s just the wrong thing to do. It’s just the wrong time,” said Hoots.

80 people at the Town Board meeting said they’re not in favor of it. No one said they were. Besides property values, a lot of people expressed their concerns about traffic in the area. 

“The traffic situation is going to be just horrendous. Warm Springs is just not going to be able to handle all of the traffic that is going to be coming out of there. It’s going to turn this area on it’s head really,” said Hoots. 

The town board voted not to recommend the zone change to the planning commission. The planning commission will meet on November 6th. 

“You have pretty expensive homes over there. Once you get to the $500,000 homes, you don’t want apartments too close by because you don’t know what type of people will be there or how the management may manage the apartments,” said Holifield.

8 News Now reached out to the developer for comment, but we have not heard back from them yet.

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