Residents sound off about short-term rentals, council members consider tougher rules


Short-term rentals is a hot button issue for Las Vegas residents, so city leaders had to listen to an earful from residents at a city council meeting Monday.

There are new proposed regulations surrounding short-term rentals, and city councilmembers will decide whether to toughen the rules as early as Wednesday.

People operating short term-rentals say they don’t agree with the proposed changes, but other homeowners welcome the stricter rules.

There is a 14-page document that outlines all of the proposed requirements.  Some of the proposed requirements are as followed:

  • The property owner must apply for a special use permit.
  • The home must have at least half a million dollars in liability insurance.
  • There cannot be short-term rentals within 600 and 60 feet of each other.
  • A plaque must be placed outside indicating when the property is in use.
  • Capacity should only be two adults per bedroom, with the exception of children under 12 years of age.

For hours on Monday, council members heard arguments for and against short-term rentals, which were made popular by websites like Airbnb.

Those opposing short-term rentals say it brings party houses to their neighborhoods, while others say it destroys the sense of community when there are strangers living next-door.

However, many homeowners say they only do business with responsible people who aren’t causing chaos in residential streets.  The homeowners say they have strict house rules and are in constant communication with their neighbors to address their concerns.

“It’s potentially gonna put me out of business, and right now it’s really disheartening because I depend on this income,” said Tina Cannon, short-term rental owner.  “I just had a newborn baby, and I need this extra income.”

“Our neighborhoods are for the neighbors, said Kathryn Fox, against short-term rentals.  “They’re for people who own homes or you know, are long term renters who have an investment in the neighborhood.  It doesn’t do good for anybody else.”

The City of Las Vegas currently issues business licenses, allowing for short-term rentals.  Current licensees would have two years to obtain a special use permit.
Clark County, North Las Vegas, and Henderson do not allow short term rentals.
Las Vegas city leaders are expected to vote on the matter Wednesday. If approved, the changes would go into effect on July 1.

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