Residents in east side neighborhood dealing with growing homeless encampment


Residents in a neighborhood in the east valley neighborhood are on edge over what appears to be a growing homeless encampment.  It’s happening in a vacant commercial building in an area near Charleston and Sloan.

Residents say they’ve been dealing with the problem for months now, but things seem to be getting worse, so they’re desperate to find a solution for the safety of their families.

Areas of the vacant parking lot at the commercial building look like a dumping ground because there is a lot of trash along the concrete wall dividing the space from residential homes.

“A few months ago it just started,” said Alfredo Angel, a concerned resident.  “People dumping stuff like trash and all that. Lately, I’ve been noticing a lot of homeless.”

Angel’s property backs up to what appears to be a homeless encampment.  He says he often hears people fighting.

“We have kids, you know in our backyards.  I have a trampoline in my backyard. My kids play there all the time,” Angel said. “My dog won’t be quiet; there’s always people back there.” 

Other neighbors say they’ve seen everything from drugs and alcohol abuse, to people relieving themselves.

Guadalupe Bravo’s children aren’t even allowed in their own backyard without supervision.

“To be honest, I’m scared. You can’t be safe anywhere,” said Bravo.

Other homeowners say it’s all of the arguing and fighting that keeps them up at night.

“I cannot sleep because all the time they happen,” said Blanca Munoz, a concerned homeowner.

A spokesperson for Clark County says there’s an open code enforcement case against the commercial property.  The spokesperson wouldn’t discuss the details, but says typically the county tries to resolve the issue directly with the owner.  If they’re unsuccessful, an option is to lean the property for the cost of cleaning up the mess.

“I’m sure something can be done,” said Angel.  “It’s just a matter of actually getting the ball rolling and doing it.” 

The county also tells me they will be sending homeless outreach workers to talk to the folks who appear to be living in the area.

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