Rescues are underway as Imelda floods roads and homes in Beaumont in southeastern Texas


(CNN) — Tropical Depression Imelda is causing serious flooding in parts of southeastern Texas on Thursday, covering roads, trapping people in vehicles and homes, and sending rescuers scrambling to get to those most in need.

Flooding is most serious north and east of Houston, including the city of Beaumont, where police said they’ve received hundreds of calls for rescues and were begging people not to drive because most roads were flooded.“The situation here is turning worse by the minute,” Michael Stephens, trapped by floodwaters at an apartment complex in the nearby city of Vidor, told CNN.

“People have snakes in their apartments from the creek. … (We) also have elderly disabled people stuck in their apartments.”

From inside, he recorded video of people trudging through floodwater outside. He said for this area, the flooding seemed worse than he remembered from 2017’s deadly Hurricane Harvey.

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