LAS VEGAS – One thousand, one hundred seventy-six days: That’s how long it took one beautiful fur baby to find a fur-ever home. Sheba is an adorable mid-size mixed breed who was surrendered to Heaven Can Wait Animal Society on Jan. 13, 2018 after her owners became unable to care for her.

During her stay at Heaven Can Wait Animal Society, Sheba was a part of the “Pups on Parole” program. The program is specifically meant to save dogs who are more at risk for euthanasia in a shelter. It took a while for someone to offer the sweet pup a home because Sheba’s anxious tendencies made her less “adoptable,” shelter officials said.

She was placed in several foster homes over the last few years, but she still struggled to find the right family fit. Nevertheless, the staff at Heaven Can Wait continued to work with Sheba through extensive training and socialization and were confident that the right people were out there for her and would eventually come along.

“Sheba is a wonderful dog. She needs someone who can set boundaries with her, keep her active, and shower her with love and affection, and I think we found exactly the right home for her,” says Kiley Esprecion, dog coordinator for the Pups on Parole program. “I knew I couldn’t give up on her, even after three years of waiting.”

Earlier this year, Sheba was featured as an adoptable dog by the wildly popular @WeRateDogs social media page. Although she had adoption inquiries from all over the world, Heaven Can Wait found someone right here in Las Vegas.

First, there was a test to see how Sheba would gel with her potential human parents via a foster period. It’s safe to say things went well because, on April 3, it all became official when Sheba was adopted. Her new name is now Momo.

Individuals interested in supporting Heaven Can Wait’s Pups on Parole program can make a gift at, and follow other dogs’ stories on their Facebook and Instagram pages.