Republican tax bill becomes wars of words for campaign


The Republican tax bill passed along party lines though 12 Republicans voted against it. Nevada’s three Democrats voted against the bill, as expected.

Northern Nevada Republican Mark Amodei voted in favor of it.

The bill is already a campaign issue in Nevada.

Danny Tarkanian held a campaign event in Henderson Tuesday. 

The House passed the bill shortly before the campaign event began. Tarkanian is challenging his fellow incumbant Republican, saying Heller is not a true conservative, nor is he trying to advance President Trump’s agenda.

Tarkanian spoke in front of supporters at a rally in Henderson.

Tarkanian and former Trump senior advisor Doctor Sebastian Gorka say Heller should not receive much credit from Republicans for advancing what would become the president’s first major legislative accomplishment. 

“So what, he’s done the same thing every Republican would do, I think if that’s the best thing he can pat himself on the back for, that’s a sad disposition of his six years in the Senate,” said  U.S. Senate candidate Danny Tarkanian.

“This is a man who was anti-Trump from the get-go, and now is trying to paint himself as some great loyalist, but Americans will look through it, and the great residents of this state will see through the lies,” said Dr. Sebastian Gorka, former senior Trump advisor.

Heller currently sits on the Senate’s tax writing committee and several of his amendments made it into the final bill.

He also brought Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin to Las Vegas as an early stop on a listening tour while lawmakers began writing the bill in September.

He says pretty bluntly that Tarkanian and Gorka are way off base.

“I never worry about what Danny has to say, frankly I think he’s a phony, but after that, after that point, the important thing is that, come to Washington, D.C., I sit on the committee, in fact, last night I was at the White House with President Trump as we were talking about the tax bill, and he was grateful for the provisions we were able to get in that,” Sen. Dean Heller said.

So while this is setting up what is an increasingly fiery primary on the Republican side, Democrats have been unified in opposition to this tax plan including the three Democratic representatives who have already voted.

Representative and Democratic senate challenger Jacky Rosen said, in part, “Congressional Republicans have voted to give billionaires and giant corporations a massive tax cut at the expense of hardworking Nevada families…”

Representative Ruben Kihuen said, “It is outrageous that Republicans chose to gift a giant holiday tax break to big corporations and the wealthiest Americans at the expense of middle-class families.”

And Representative Dina Titus said, “That’s a win-win-win for wealthy Republicans, but a gut punch to the people in my district […] it is a reverse Robin Hood, a Trojan horse, or, put simply, a slap in the face of the American people.”  

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