Report: Wrobel’s gun didn’t fire on first attempt to shoot Venetian executive


When Anthony Wrobel pointed a gun at Venetian executive Mia Banks head and pulled the trigger, his gun did not initially fire, according to his arrest report.

It wasn’t until the third time he pulled the trigger that a bullet struck Banks in the head. The second shot accidentally discharged into the ground, the report said.

Wrobel is facing murder, attempted murder and battery with use of a deadly weapon charges in the death of Banks and the shooting of co-worker Hector Rodriguez, who was shot twice. He survived the shooting at the company picnic at Sunset Park.

According to the arrest report, when Wrobel arrived at the picnic on April 15, he asked a co-worker if any of the bosses were still at the event and was told that Banks and Rodriguez were still there. Wrobel walked up to them, pulled a gun from his waistband and began shooting.

Less than one hour later, security at McCarran International Airport located Wrobel’s car in a parking garage. Police found a revolver, some gun magazines and almost 300 rounds of ammunition, the report said.

Police also reported they found a note at Wrobel’s residence expressing his anger toward the Venetian management.

Wrobel was arrested six days later in Texas.

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