Report: Victim describes sexual assault, where suspect pointed gun at her head; suspect told police the gun was fake


LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — The victim of a Dec. 11 sexual assault told police the suspect, identified as Jorge Perez Jr., pointed a gun at her head during the incident, according to a declaration of arrest obtained by 8 News Now. Perez, however, told detectives the gun was fake and that he never threatened the victim with it.

During a preliminary investigation on Dec. 13, a Metro officer responded to UMC, where the victim had completed a full Sexual Assault Kit. She told the officer she is a prostitute who posts advertisements on a website.

The victim relayed she met the suspect, who she had been texting with, in reference to an advertisement around 8:26 p.m. on Dec. 11. The victim said the man offered to pay her $200 for a “date.” According to the report, she said there was no agreement of any sexual contact in the agreement and that it was only a date. She later told detectives the agreement was for sexual intercourse. She noted she didn’t feel comfortable meeting the suspect at his apartment complex, so she suggested Dollar General.

After the victim picked Perez up from the Dollar General, she drove him to a secluded spot, where she says he asked if they could move to the back seat. When they did, the suspect reportedly pulled out a handgun and pointed it at her head, saying, “I have a gun, don’t scream.”

The victim described the sexual assault to the officer, saying afterward, she got out of the vehicle and left her pants in the street. The report says the suspect slowly left the vehicle and took some time to put his pants back on. The victim then got back into the driver’s seat, left the area and contacted her boyfriend to pick her up. She said she never saw the $300, and that the suspect didn’t pay her.

According to police, the victim says she was afraid of getting in trouble since the incident was related to prostitution, hence why she waited to report it. After she called the Rape Crisis Hotline and was told she wouldn’t get in trouble, she decided to go to UMC for the exam.

During a follow-up investigation later, the victim told a Metro officer she was an escort who posted prostitution advertisements on several websites. She recounted the same information as earlier and that the suspect sent her a picture of his face as requested. She told the suspect she would charge him $250 for sexual intercourse. After he asked her to wear specialized clothing and her hair in a specific way that would excite him more, she asked him to pay $300, to which he reportedly agreed.

According to the report, the victim told the detective the suspect appeared paranoid and on methamphetamine. She drove him to a secluded area, where the man exited the vehicle and re-entered in the back. She told the officer he looked around, said “f**k it,” and pulled the handgun out.

The victim recounted to the officer that while the suspect raped her, he did not talk. When she asked why he had her come, he replied, “You wouldn’t have if I told you …. I’m sorry I had to.”

The report says she recounted the assault again, in the same details noted during the preliminary investigation. During this interview, she said she threw her leggings on the front seat.

Police note the victim said she stood outside the car, wearing only a shirt and bra while the suspect sat in the car, pulling up his pants. After the suspect exited, she got back in and locked the doors, waiting for him to leave.

She said later, after her husband (earlier identified as her boyfriend) picked her up, they went back to the scene to find her leggings. They believed the clothing could assist in the investigation, but could not find them. According to the report, the husband said he can track the victim’s phone, and she can track his. so they know where each other is at all times.

The husband recounted to police he received a call from the victim, who was hysterical and claimed she had been raped. Using his tracking info, his friends dropped him off. He told police his wife did not tell him details about the incident, and he did not want to ask since it had just happened. The report says he didn’t call police or pressure the victim to go to the hospital since she didn’t want to at that time.

Later, after the victim emailed police screenshots of texts between her and Perez (which included a picture of him), investigators identified him through record checks and facial recognition.

Police say there was no surveillance footage of the assault, as cameras in the area were merely a deterrent and not active. They did, however, retrieve surveillance video from the Dollar General of Perez.

On Dec. 13, detectives conducted a knock and talk at Perez’s parents’ home. At one point, an officer observed an individual exit a grey 2000 Jeep Cherokee in the driveway, who they identified as Perez. When asked what his name was, Perez said “Carlos” calmly. The officer grabbed Perez to prevent him from running and put him in handcuffs, the report says. When the officer asked what his real name is, Perez answers Jorge Perez, then apologized for the lie.

According to the report, Perez’s family said he’d been in town for about two weeks and was sleeping on a cot in the living room.

Police then conducted an interview with Perez at Metro headquarters. When asked if he’d recently had sex with anyone, the report says Perez said he had with a prostitute two days ago and that they never exchanged names.

The suspect recounted he’d messaged with her to meet an apartment complex, as he didn’t want to have sex with her at his parents’ house. Perez says they arranged for her to pick him up at Dollar General, which she did, and she drove him to a secluded area of her choosing.

According to the report, he says when they got into the back seat, he paid her $420 for “normal sex.” He allegedly paid with four $100 bills and a $20 bill, which he later said she pressured him for to make up for the gas she spent.

He described the sexual intercourse they reportedly had. According to the report, he then said he pulled a fake handgun from his waistband before they had sex. He noted he carries it to “scare people” that mess with and want to fight him. Police asked if the victim knew it was fake, to which he replied she probably thought it was real. He said she ‘freaked out and became uncomfortable.’

The report says police later recovered the fake handgun. It had an orange tip, which Perez earlier described to police, but they say it was covered in black tape, making it appear real.

Perez reportedly denied pointing the gun at the victim or threatening her with it. He also said she offered to do meth with him, but he said no.

Perez said the victim pressured him for more money when she observed a large band of bills on his person, according to the report. The suspect said the victim was angry, and that after he got out of the car, she peeled out of the parking lot. He then told police he calmly walked to the liquor store, bought a beer and walked home.

Detectives asked Perez if he was on drugs or alcohol at the time of the incident. While he initially said no, he later admitted that he may have been drunk, smoked some marijuana and had a Valium prior to the “date.”

When asked why the victim would make false accusations of sexual assault, Perez said it’s because he refused to pay her more. Police noted he smiled as he answered their questions.

Police also noted Perez said he’d received a “random” text message in Spanish saying he would be charged with sexual assault. He said he thought nothing of it and was initially confused when detectives told him he was under arrest for sexual assault. He reportedly said he was not aware of the claim.

Perez was transported to the Clark County Detention Center and booked for five counts of sexual assault with a deadly weapon and one count of kidnaping with the use of a deadly weapon.

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