A Bonanza High School teacher arrested for making terroristic threats reportedly sent text messages about going to a local bar to potentially hurt people on Saturday.

Leslie McGourty was arrested on campus Wednesday, but she is already out of custody on bail.

An arrest report obtained by 8 News NOW states McGourty sent text messages to friends about going to a concert at the Beauty Bar in downtown Las Vegas where she had plans to die while her favorite song was playing. 

One message says: “Imagine knowing exactly the moment you’re going to die. Knowing exactly that your favorite song will be playing. By your favorite band. It’s just too perfect.”

Police sources believe McGourty was referring to a Life of Agony Concert happening Saturday at the Beauty Bar located on Fremont Street.

The report also said, MvGourty said she wanted to “poke a lot of holes in a lot of people.”

The Life of Agony band plays metal music.

“Just shock. You never think it’s going to happen in your bar; in your business,” said Roxie Amoroso, the managing member at the Beauty Bar.

Amoroso says police alerted them of the incident on Thursday.  She also said that they didn’t have any record of McGourty buying a ticket for the show but they are beefing up security anyway.

“We’re going to do everything we can to make sure that our customers are safe whether it’s the middle of the day on a Wednesday or a packed show on Saturday,”  Amoroso said.

In the text messages, McGourty allegedly mentions several domestic terrorists and even brings up 1 October shooter Stephen Paddock.

She reportedly goes on to say quote: “I have the means, motive, and brains,” adding “Vegas will lose its luster after me.” 

“I think that since what happened here last year with October 1; I think we’re all really more aware of what can happen,” Amoroso said.

Amoroso says she’s thankful McGourty’s friend alerted police.  Saturday’s show will go on despite McGourty being out of custody.

 “At the end of the day, if we all live in fear we, you know, we just have to take the right precautions and, I feel like we’re doing that,” said Amoroso.

According to Amoroso, Metro told her they plan to do surveillance on McGourty and officers will be at the bar Saturday night.

The same police report says McGourty admitted to sending the text messages but said she never intended to hurt anyone.