LAS VEGAS (KLAS) – In a detailed and lengthy article Friday night, the New York Times lays out a pattern of dysfunction within the organization after talking with “more than a dozen former employees” who described problems ranging from a hostile work environment to underpaying employees. 

The New York Times points out the firing and or resignation of several of eight of the team’s top executives since the organization’s move to Las Vegas, including the most recent departure of former Raiders President Dan Ventrelle, who echoed the volatility within the organization. “I firmly stand by my decision to elevate these issues to protect the organization and its female employees,” said Ventrelle last week.

The report reveals over a dozen ex-employees were interviewed by the New York Times, and some of them spoke anonymously due to signed nondisclosure agreements. Other employees came forward citing the issues weighing down the NFL franchise, including the mismanagement of finances, missed payments, creditor problems, and other problems.  

Nicole Adams is one of the employees who spoke to the New York Times. She worked in the Raiders’ human resources department for five years and told the New York Times that she filed a complaint against the team with the Nevada Equal Rights Commission.

The New York Times also spoke with Nicolle Reeder, a former Raiders employee. She “sued in 2020 on behalf of herself and other game-day employees. She accused the team of violating labor laws by denying them required rest and meal breaks and not paying wages on time” and settled the lawsuit for $325,000.

The New York Times headlined the article, “The Disarray and ‘Stone Age’ Dysfunction of the Las Vegas Raiders.” The stone age quip appears to come from Nicole Adams, who told the Times, “The Raiders kind of operate back in the Stone Age.”

The report states workers were “systematically underpaid,” resulting in mounting lawsuits and more than $1 million in settlements paid to date and possibly more expected in pending filings. 

Raiders management was asked for comment by the New York Times but did not immediately respond to the request. The full report can be read here. 

8 News Now has also reached out to the Raiders for comment on the New York Times story but have not received a response as of this time this story was published.