Report reveals what led to disruption in NE neighborhood


The disruption in a northeast neighborhood Wednesday resulted after police went to a home to investigate a stalking case.

Brad Resnik is accused of aggravated stalking of his former girlfriend Kimberly Knight, according to a warrant for his arrest.

The home is located on Monroe Avenue near Nellis Boulevard and Owens Avenue.

Once police were at the home, they discovered a suspicious item that resulted in neighbors being evacuated for much of the day.

Knight had filed a complaint with police that Resnik has continuously stalked and harassed her since she ended the relationship a year ago. She listed 36 incidents that “terrorized” and “frightened” her and she said she is afraid to have relationships or leave her home.

She told police that Resnik monitored her daily movements, sent her disturbing pictures, threatened to ruin her life and ignored restraining orders.

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