Report: Man arrested for cockfighting ring said he didn’t know why people were at his home


One of the men arrested for his connection in a cockfighting ring told detectives he didn’t know why people were gathering at his home.

On Sunday, Jan. 28, Metro Police officers said they saw 30-40 people running from Pablo Castellanos home located in the 4700 block of Judson Avenue.

The report said, Castellanos allowed officers in his home and gave them a tour of the property and as they walked around, one of the officers, a former Animal Control officer saw numerous things that led him to believe that Castellanos was running a cockfighting ring.

The evidence he saw that led him to this conclusion were roosters with their wattles and combs removed, along with shaven spurs. Also found were metal spurs, which are sharp instruments placed on the roosters when fighting to cause harm to the other rooster, and caging that is used to prepare a rooster for fighting.

The officers on scene called in Metro’s animal cruelty unit to investigate. When they arrived they investigated further and found a cockpit with one dead bird inside of it; boxing muffs and tethers, and a fake rooster. The boxing muffs, tethers and fake rooster are used in the training of the birds.

Officers also seized 440 live roosters and 20 dead birds when they arrested Castellanos.  Angel Alcala-Sanchez Sr., Angel Alcala-Sanchez Jr., and Erasmo Fallad were also questioned and arrested.

One of the men told officers everyone hung out, ate and drank until the fights started around 10 a.m. According to the arrest report, there was a total of four fights before officers arrived to the home.

Castellanos told detectives he owned 90 of the 440 roosters found at the property. When asked why he had so many roosters, Castellanos told officers he cross-breeds two types of roosters and sells them to people in Mexico for $50-$60.

However, the report said Castellanos claimed he didn’t know why the roosters were being used. He also told detectives that he didn’t know what was happening on his property before police arrived.

But that comment was negated because Castellanos had blood on his clothing, the report said.  Castellanos, 43, was arrested for multiple felony animal torture and staging fights charges.

Angel Alcala-Sanchez Sr., 46, Angel Alcala-Sanchez Jr., 18, and Erasmo Fallad, 52, also were arrested on one charge each.

The 440 living roosters are in the care of the Animal Foundation.

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