The father of a 13-year-old boy whose body was found in the desert Tuesday admitted to killing his son, according to an arrest report released Friday.

Paul Jones, 33, is currently locked up in the Clark County Detention Center on unrelated charges.

On Friday, the Clark County Coroner’s Office officially identified a decomposed body found on Boulder Highway near Sahara Avenue as that of his son, Aaron Jones.  Family members who found the teen’s body said they hadn’t seen him since Dec. 2016.

According to the arrester report, the boy’s father admitted to officers that he would punish Aaron by hitting him and making him stand up with his back against a wall while holding his arms straight up in the air. While the child was in that position, Jones would then encourage his other 11 children to hit Aaron with random items, the report said. 

However, Aaron was never allowed to protect himself during these so called punishments.

Jones told officers he was disciplining Aaron for stealing food.  Then Jones said he punished him for taking money from the other kids to buy candy, according to the report.

After several inconsistencies in his story, including an instance in which Jones said Aaron ran away from home in February, detectives said Jones confessed to officers that he and Aaron were in an argument when he died.  Jones said he hit Aaron across the face, causing him to fall to the floor and hit his head.

The report said, Jones claimed that Aaron’s eyes were still open after the strike, but he wasn’t completely there, so Jones said he took Aaron to the bathroom and sprayed him with the shower to get him to wake up.  However, when Aaron did not come back completely, he dressed him in a dirty shirt and shorts and laid him on the living room floor, the report said.

According to the report, Jones told detectives Aaron was still breathing until he checked again and he wasn’t.  However, he wouldn’t narrow down a time of when the child stopped breathing, officers said.

The report said, Jones admitted to police that he wrapped Aaron’s body in a blanket and took it out to the desert before covering it with a piece of tarp he found in the area.  Metro said Jones told detectives he then placed rocks on top of Aaron’s body.

Jones was charged with the teen’s murder on Thursday.  A second person, 33-year-old Latoya Williams-Smiley, was arrested Friday and also charged in the teen’s death. Police say she’s the child’s stepmother.

If you would like to help the family of Aaron Jones pay for his funeral go here to donate to their GoFundMe account.