Report details explosive materials found in terrorism suspect’s home


Numerous explosive materials and devices were found in a Las Vegas man’s home after a search warrant was issued at the end of last year, according to his arrest report.

Nicolai Howard Mork, 40, was taken into custody Wednesday and is facing charges including terrorism charges and possession of explosives and firearms.

While the arrest report doesn’t detail how law enforcement became aware of the explosive materials, it does say that local utilities were subpoenaed to determine who lived in the home.


During the search of the home on Dec. 29, 2016, police found potassium chlorate, potassium perchlorate, ammonium perchlorate, red iron oxide, aluminum powder and magnesium ribbon. There were also flasks of nitric acid and sulfuric acid, the report said.

The report mentions that there were two incidents over the previous two months where they encountered possible thermite (a mixture of two of the chemicals listed above). In one case, it burned through the aluminum patio cover of the victim’s home. One of the incidents occurred on the same street as Mork’s residence.

Because of the large amount of materials stored in the home and how it was arranged, police believed Mork intended to use the components to create explosive or incendiary devices, the report said.

Mork had been free on bail for three months prior to his arrest Wednesday on additional charges of terrorism and possession of weapons of mass destruction. His bail is now set at $8 million.

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