A vote by the Nevada Tax Commission Monday adopted regulations meant to kick-start the legal weed industry in the state, meaning recreational marijuana is expected to be sold as early as July 1.

It’s all been a major hurdle dispensary owners like the Source’s Andrew Jolley have been waiting for, but dispensaries may miss the start date.

“We’ve been ready, and I think all of the dispensaries in Nevada would say the same thing,” Jolley said.

Voters approved recreational pot during election season last November.  The Source says it’s been gearing up for retail sales since then.   

“Thankfully, we’ve already gone through this once before, with the medical program, so my hope and expectation are that the municipalities and the state will work together to get it implemented in a timely way,” said Jolley.

Regulators have been preparing, hosting more than 100 public meetings as the regulations have been developed.  They have also been on fact-finding missions to other states.  8 News NOW has been on two of those trips to Colorado.
Attorney Amanda Connor was also on one of the trips just one year ago.

“I think that the Department of Tax has put a lot of effort into getting where we are today with these temporary regulations,” Connor said.

Two people testified in Carson City that the state is pushing forward too fast.  It’s left local regulators scrambling to keep up.
Dispensaries will still have to get temporary local permits, and municipalities have been waiting for the state’s regulations before finalizing its own.

So, with just seven weeks before sales can officially start, delays are possible.

To put things into perspective: It took 15 years to get medical marijuana sales going, and for recreational sales, so far it has taken less than a year since voters said ‘yes.’