LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — The string of recent fires at vacant buildings has raised a lot of questions, especially about what’s next for those buildings after they’ve been destroyed by the flames.

In the past weeks and even days, a number of vacant buildings went up in flames, including the Cabana Suites, which crews were out tearing down on Monday.

8 News Now reached out to the city of Las Vegas and was told that it was up to the owners.

For years, the Cabana Suites was a place that many enjoyed seeing.

“I am out here getting all the graffiti in Las Vegas,” said photographer Max Barksdale, “This is art. This is beautiful, man.”

Barksdale drove from Oklahoma to take pictures of the art in the area, including the Cabana Suites, which has been leveled.

“I was making sure I knew addresses before I even hit Vegas,” Barksdale told 8 News Now, “The fact they are tearing this down is sad, but I understand.”

A number of fires have broken out at vacant buildings recently, including a second fire at the Crazy Horse Too on Industrial Road near Sahara Avenue, just weeks after a massive fire on the same property.

But other fires have caused concern as well.

Tom Smith said a fire broke out in an empty hotel on Fremont and 13th early on Monday, right next door to him.

“This is not the first one in this building, this is the third or fourth,” Smith said, “Fix it or tear it down.”

The city told 8 News Now crews that property owners must secure vacant buildings. If a building is a public safety hazard, and ownership is unresponsive, the city can pull permits for demolition and bill the property owner.

As for the vacant motel next to Smith’s home, right now it belongs to the Tony Hsieh estate and is for sale.

“If it had been a windy night, these embers could have fallen onto our roof,” Smith added, “and there goes my home.”

A nearby fire displaced dozens of people just over a week ago, and Smith is concerned this could happen again and be worse.

The causes of the fires are under investigation. 8 News Now asked if arson was suspected, but that is under investigation as well.