Recent arrests raise parental concerns


A teacher and a teacher’s aide were arrested in separate cases in recent weeks for alleged abuse of children. 8 News NOW looks at what the school district is doing to prevent these crimes from happening in the future.

They are the stories no parent wants to hear: adults, trusted with access to their kids, abusing their power.

Police arrested special needs teacher James Doran for allegedly hitting and throwing a special needs student.

In an unrelated case, teacher’s aide Charles Young is accused of luring a teen for sex.

Both suspects were arrested during the first week of school.

“It’s scary, because my son is in third grade, and I know his teacher,” said parent Jhilin Raneses. “But, it’s hard to trust other people when you’re kids are supposed to be feeling safe.”

Keeping kids safe is the goal of school police who say, in recent years, their promotion of the “See something, say something” policies could be leading to more reported incidents.

This week, officers acclimating to the huge increase of hired staff over the summer.

“It’s always a challenge. You’re getting a new set of kids at a time. You’re getting kids moving around. Our calls of service do increase. We like to have a positive presence out the first week of school,” said Clark County School District Police Sgt. Mitch Maciszak.

CCSD employs nearly 20,000 teachers. Friday, there were more than 1,000 substitute teachers working.

“We go through extensive reference checks and background checks. We look at references of experienced teachers to make sure their instructional strategies are strong,” said Clark County School District Superintendent Pat Skorkowsky.

Parents like Raneses say they want an extra line of defense. She says she gets to know her children’s teachers and stays close by.

“I usually volunteer once a week,” she said.

School police say adult witnesses saw Doran throw a student into a chair.

Those witnesses reported the incident when it happened at the end of last school year.

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