Questions linger in bee attack


A man who was stung by bees more than 200 times is still recovering in the hospital.  The bee attack happened Thursday morning near Russell Road and Fort Apache.

And more than 24 hours after the attack, bees are still visible in the southwest neighborhood where neighbors are shocked.

“It was horrific,” said Amber Howerton, resident! “It was — it felt like something from a Steven King novel.”

There’s also still some unanswered questions about the victim and whether or not he had a license to do the job.  However, 8 News NOW found out that the state doesn’t regulate every bee business.

“We did not do an investigation into that because they are not currently licensed nor do they currently need to be licensed under our existing regulations,” said Scott Cichowlaz of Nevada Dept. of Agriculture.

According to Nevada law, pest companies who go out and kill bees must be licensed by the state, but bee removal and rehabilitation companies do not.

8 News NOW Reporter Karen Castro has more on the story.

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