Local non-profit Project 150 is helping feed teens and their families across the Las Vegas valley. That’s not all, they also helped provide warm clothes for use during these colder months. 

The non-profit organization serves more than 63-hundred 
homeless, displaced or disadvantaged high school students. Katana Henry and her father say they are extremely grateful for this generosity. 

“I wasn’t really expecting them to give it to us,” Katana said. We’re low on funds for that right now, they actually helped out a lot with that.”

Her father, Alec Henry, was equally appreciative. 

“Very helpful because right now I’m trying to look for work, my wife’s only working in the house, so it actually helps out a lot,” he said. 

Project 150 distributed thousands of holiday meal boxes to high school students last week. 

“The need is there and I’m glad that they have a safe place to come and get clothing, get a blanket, get a pie, get a holiday meal,” said Project 150 Executive Director Meli Pulido. “Each meal box fed a family of four, so ultimately it fed 8,000 in that effort.”

Smith’s Food and Drug Store recently donated 500 pumpkin pies to the organization. The Wynn also aiding the non-profit by giving nearly 12-thousand pairs of socks along with a matching check on Tuesday. 

“As the temperatures drop, they get cold so socks become earmuffs, scarves, gloves and then, of course, warms their feet,” Pulido said. 

It costs Project 150 roughly $50,000 to create holiday meal boxes. The non-profit is still seeking donations, just 25 dollars helps feed a family of four.