LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — The monsoon season has brought plenty of rain to our valley, and while we need the water, it has also caused some major damage. 

Residents in one Sunrise Manor neighborhood told 8 News Now it’s been a constant issue with floods, debris and other problems. 

“I don’t know if we are going to do sandbags. I’m not sure what we are going to do, but we have to divert the water,” said Kim Kelsey, a Sunrise Manor resident.  

Kelsey has been a Sunrise Manor resident for 26 years. She enjoyed the open land, but she said that comes with a price when storms roll by. 

“I don’t like it when it rips out the trees and takes our power out. Three years ago, it took it out for 5 days,” said Kelsey. 

The most recent storms caused flooding inside her property. In the video attached to this story, you can see her wood floors covered by mud and damaged by the water. 

“It was about a foot and a half deep and my downstairs got flooded. My side yard, the backyard everything got flooded.” 

The rock-hard soil combined with the heat allows rain, when it happens, to quickly turn into raging rivers, according to the regional flood control district. 

8 News Now spotted several streets near Hollywood Boulevard and Charleston with dried mud and debris from recent storms. 

“These rocks are normally red. We cleaned most of them off. It was a big mess to come home to. It’s all brown now. I still have to wash more,” said Kelsey. 

As the cleanup process continues, our 8 News Now weather team is forecasting more storms to roll into the valley, which is a concern for Kelsey both safety and financially. 

“It’s going to be thousands of dollars. I need to redo the floors and the walls. It’s going to be everything. I still don’t know how the water got in. I believe the water level got so high it went through the stucco.” 

8 News Now reached out to the Regional Flood Control District about this issue in the Sunrise neighborhood. 

They tell us there is a project that is under design right now to provide some relief. No other details were provided but they recommend flood insurance and contacting the county for ways to protect your property.