With no evidence, one-third of Americans convinced voter fraud is big issue


LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — More than seven months after the November election and after dozens of lawsuits, one-third of Americans still believe President Joe Biden’s victory was due to voter fraud, a new poll released Monday showed.

The Monmouth University poll found 14% of Americans say they will never accept Biden as president, including about 3 in 10 Republicans or voters who said they lean Republican.

Audits and lawsuits filed in states, including Nevada, found no evidence of widespread voter fraud. Nationwide, Biden won the election to former President Donald Trump by more than 7 million votes or more than 4.5%.

Though Biden won Nevada’s six electoral votes, Republicans gained seats in the Senate and Assembly amid the state’s first widescale test of mail-in voting in the most recent election. Biden won the state by more than 30,000 votes, or about 2%.

Since November, the I-Team has found 10 instances of dead individuals having votes cast in their names. Nevada state officials have not commented on ongoing investigations. In April, the Secretary of State’s Office said 10 voters may have voted twice.

The office, which is headed by a Republican, the Nevada Supreme Court and several judges said there was no evidence of widespread voter fraud. One lawsuit, brought by the Republican Party’s six electors and President Donald Trump’s re-election campaign, sought to have Nevada’s election results overturned.

Earlier this month, Democratic Gov. Steve Sisolak signed Assembly Bill 321 into law, making Nevada the sixth state to have a permanent mail-in voting system. The law requires a Nevada voter to opt-out rather than opt-in to receiving a mail-in ballot. It passed the Nevada Assembly and state Senate along party lines.

The law also requires election workers to take a class on signature verification and limits the number of days a mail-in ballot can be accepted from seven to four. Election Day in-person voting will continue to remain available. Additionally, the law requires the Secretary of State’s Office to work with the State Registrar of Vital Statistics to crosscheck a statewide active voter registration list.

“The facts are on his side,” White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki told 8 News Now. “Voter fraud is not a widespread issue across the country, in Nevada or in any state.”

Psaki noted election laws passed in some Republican-controlled states, like Georgia, which she said are meant to do the opposite of the new Nevada law.

“A lot of these voter restriction laws that some legislatures are pushing forward are based on what [the president] considers and what we consider the big lie, which is this notion that there was fraud,” Psaki said. “We know that there were dozens of court cases fought over this and none of them overturned the outcome the election that the American people voted for.”

The U.S. Senate was expected to start procedural votes on the For the People Act, which aims to set federal requirements to voter access. It has the support of southern Nevada’s entire congressional delegation.

Most respondents to the Monmouth poll said they viewed audits of election results as a partisan issue. They also supported early voting and voter identification. Seventy-one percent of respondents said they supported early voting while half said they supported expanded mail-in voting. Four in five said they supported requiring voters to show identification.

Former Attorney General Bill Barr, a Republican, said there was no evidence of widespread voter fraud in the 2020 election.

Voter fraud is a felony and carries a fine and jail time.

“It is something that society is going to have to continue to fight back against, which is false information and arguments about voter fraud that aren’t true,” Psaki said.

The Monmouth poll included 810 adult respondents. It was conducted from June 9 to June 14 and has a margin of error of 3.5 percentage points.

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