LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — An 8NewsNow/The Hill/Emerson College poll gives exclusive insight into Nevada’s races for governor and senate. It focuses on the Republican field and where the candidates stand before next month’s primary.

Political television ads are everywhere. There’s a crowded field of Republicans jockeying for position before the June primary.

In the governor’s race, Clark County Sheriff Joe Lombardo leads in fundraising. The poll shows he also leads with voters.

 We asked Republicans who they would choose in the primary?

8NewsNow/The Hill/Emerson College polling.

Lombardo came in at 32 1/2%. Attorney Joey Gilbert, endorsed by the Nevada GOP, came in second, about 18 points behind.

Former Senator Dean Heller and North Las Vegas Mayor John Lee came 3rd and 4th.

Things shifted when we asked undecided Republicans where they are leaning?

8NewsNow/The Hill/Emerson College polling.

Lombardo had a six-point lead over Lee, followed closely by Heller. Gilbert came in fourth. “Donald Trump, who supposedly has all this currency with the party base has endorsed Lombardo, but the party base is not listening to Donald Trump when it comes to these results. It looks like they are sticking with their man Joey Gilbert,” said political analyst Steve Sebelius.

It’s a two-candidate race for the Senate GOP primary. Former state Attorney General Adam Laxalt is being challenged by newcomer and wounded army veteran Sam Brown.

Among Republican voters, Laxalt leads with roughly half of those polled. Brown comes in at 27%. Former Miss Nevada Sharelle Mendenhall has 4%.

8NewsNow/The Hill/Emerson College polling.

Undecided Republicans are also leaning towards Laxalt. Brown is around 26%, while Mendenhall jumps up to 13%.

8NewsNow/The Hill/Emerson College polling.

“Brown had virtually no name ID at all, he’s a virtual newcomer to the state. It’s only I think his second race in politics in general. Adam Laxalt’s been running for a long time. He’s a former state attorney general. On paper, there should be no contest,” Sebelius said.

No doubt, former President Donald Trump still looms large within the GOP.

8NewsNow/The Hill/Emerson College polling.

Our poll showed that 54% of Republicans are more likely to choose someone endorsed by the former president. Trump has already put his support behind Lombardo for governor and Laxalt for senate. 

“After June 14, I think you will have those candidates begin to forget who Donald Trump is and say, ‘no thank you, Mr. President, we don’t need a rally here in Nevada, we’re good,'” Sebelius said.

8NewsNow/The Hill/Emerson College polling.

The poll of 1,000 likely Republican voters took place between April 28 and May 2. The margin of error is plus or minus 3%.