Reactions from President Trump, candidates and others as Nevada caucus ends


LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — The Nevada caucus is nearing an end in what seems to be a mostly orderly day without major glitches. President Trump, Culinary Workers Union Local 226 and other organizations issued statements about the events.

Here’s what they had to say.

Brad Parscale, President Trump’s 2020 campaign manager wrote:

“Media reports of unstaffed caucus sites in Nevada just prove that the national Democrat Party is in chaos and incompetent. Even with that mess, there is no denying that Big Government Socialism dominated again as Bernie Sanders remained the leader of the leftist pack. We are another day closer to Election Day and another day closer to re-electing President Trump.”

Roger Lau, Elizabeth Warren’s campaign manager, Tweeted:

“The Vegas debate shook this election up. The Elizabeth Warren vote share appears to have gone up more than 50% between early vote & those who caucused today. We’ve raised $9m in 3 days & more than $21m this month.”

Geoconda Argüello-Kline of Culinary Workers Union Local 226 said:

“The Culinary Union did not endorse ahead of the Nevada Caucus and instead focused on mobilizing members and their families to vote early. For the first time in 85 years, the Culinary Union was an early vote site and over 2,500 Nevadans cast their ballot over 4 days at our early vote location.

The Democratic Caucus is the first step in defeating Trump on Election Day, and high turnout in the Nevada Caucus is a victory for working people and the democratic process. 

Issues important to working families are on the ballot this November and the Culinary Union remains focused on:

  • Winning comprehensive immigration reform and a pathway to citizenship for 11 million undocumented immigrants
  • Ensuring that One Job Should Be Enough for every worker
  • Securing healthcare for all, while maintaining a choice for Culinary Union members to keep what we’ve built in 85 years
  • Defeating Trump on Election Day

Nevadans sent a clear message today that Trump is a threat to workers and democracy, and that we will defeat him in November.

UNITE HERE’s Culinary Union, the strongest political force in Nevada, will put our unmatched organizing power to mobilize workers and every voter in the state to get out and vote on Election Day.”

Make the Road Action sent the following statement, saying:

“Make the Road Action members celebrated today’s big victory for Bernie Sanders in Nevada, which followed an enormous effort to organize and mobilize in immigrant communities and communities of color. In a state in which immigrants and Latinos are, respectively, 20 and 30 percent of the population, entrance polls show him winning big among these communities. 

The win comes after major grassroots efforts by Make the Road Action in Nevada, whose members knocked on roughly 10,000 doors, made 10,000 calls to voters, organized their members to caucus and become delegates, and reached hundreds of thousands more through their digital organizing and communications efforts. On the first day of early voting, they also led a 1,300-person march to a poll site in East Las Vegas with Senator Sanders. Allies in the People Power for Bernie coalition also mobilized voters. Popular Democracy PAC, affiliated with the Center for Popular Democracy Action, ran successful digital advertisements to bring Latino voters to the polls. And People’s Action members texted more than 46,000 voters to get Sanders supporters to the polls. 

In a clear demonstration of the effectiveness of grassroots organizing and people-to-people connections, turnout blew past 2016 numbers, with early voting tallies nearly matching the full caucus turnout numbers from that year. Following victories in Iowa and New Hampshire, the Sanders victory in Nevada also demonstrates that his multiracial coalition is unparalleled in the Democratic field.

“I organized my community to vote for Bernie Sanders because our community needs bold leadership to ensure citizenship for all, affordable housing for all, and Medicare for All,” said Angelica Romero, a member of Make the Road Action in Nevada. “Bernie Sanders has listened to the needs of our community and stood up for us. By knocking on thousands of doors in our community and helping win this election, we have stood up for him.”

“Door to door and neighbor to neighbor, Bernie Sanders and his supporters built a movement here in Nevada,” said Natalia Salgado, political director at the Center for Popular Democracy Action. “The impressive turnout and commanding exit poll support, especially among Latino and immigrant voters, show that our politics is best when we expand the voting electorate. Bernie Sanders is the commanding frontrunner in the race for president.”

Now, with three primary victories under his belt, Sanders is in a strong position going into South Carolina and Super Tuesday. Make the Road Action members will remain engaged, supporting allies on Super Tuesday and preparing for additional primaries in the Northeast.”

We will bring you additional statements as they come in.

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