LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A Nevada State Democratic Party spokeswoman tells 8 News Now the total number of early voting ballots deemed invalid is 1,744 or 2.3%. That number had earlier been about 1,000 ballots.

Earlier in the week, spokeswoman Molly Forgery said the state party and volunteers from the state party were contacting campaigns in case they wanted to reach out to the affected voters. The voter could then participate in the caucus Saturday so their vote would be counted. 

On Tuesday, Nevada State Democratic Party Chair and State Assemblyman William McCurdy confirmed some ballots were deemed invalid, for example, if they were missing a signature.  He did not specify how many at the time, but said it was a “small percentage.”

This is the first time Nevada democrats held early voting ahead of a caucus.  The state party estimated about 75,000 people participated over four days.

Early votes will be incorporated in both the first and second alignments, or rounds, at precincts during caucus day. 

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