LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Joey Gilbert said Thursday he will contest the election a week after losing the race to become the Nevada Republican Party’s candidate for governor.

Clark County Sheriff Joe Lombardo won the race by more than 11 percentage points. The Associated Press called the race for Lombardo hours after polls closed last week. Gilbert came in second place.

“Gilbert was the winner of most Nevada counties, dominated every straw poll, and was the only candidate to win the Nevada GOP endorsement,” a statement from Gilbert’s campaign said Thursday. “Gilbert had the most grassroots and statewide support of any candidate in the gubernatorial race.”

With 94% of votes counted as of last Thursday, Clark County Sheriff Joe Lombardo leads Joey Gilbert by 11 points. (KLAS)

The state party endorsed Gilbert. Former President Donald Trump endorsed Lombardo.

Gilbert’s campaign cited the fact that non-partisan voters were unable to vote in the gubernatorial race. Party elections in Nevada are party-exclusive and non-partisan voters do not receive a ballot for a political party.

“You can’t run on a platform of integrity and fighting against corruption, and turn your back on this election and pretend no disingenuous activity occurred that absolutely affected this election,” Gilbert said in a statement.

No county or state official has reported abnormalities in the June 14 primary.

Elected officials in Esmerelda County voted Thursday to postpone the certification of their primary election, which contained just more than 300 votes.

Nevada has no automatic trigger for a recount, and a candidate must request one — and pay for it, according to state law. A losing candidate must request a recount in Nevada within three days of vote certification, the day counties must report their vote totals to the state.