LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — An independent state agency to perform school audits would be created under Assembly Bill 149 (AB149), introduced Monday at the Nevada Legislature.

AB149 creates the Office of the Inspector General of Education.

When Gov. Joe Lombardo signed an executive order on Feb. 6 demanding an audit of Nevada’s 17 public school districts. But those audits will be external, third-party audits that will be turned over to the state and summarized by the Nevada Division of Internal Audits.

Assemblywoman Brittney Murphy, a Clark County Democrat, sponsored the bill to create an agency that would perform such audits.

Lombardo’s budget proposes an additional $2 billion — and he says it’s important to know how that money is being spent.

AB149 will look into “waste, fraud, abuse, corruption in any agency etc. that gets public money for education,” according to the bill description. It also provides protections for employees of the office and also for whistleblowers.

The bill requires the governor to appoint an Inspector General of Education on or before Dec. 1, 2023.