LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Students of any age could be suspended, expelled — even permanently — for violence against school staff or other students under legislation introduced Monday in Carson City.

The zero-tolerance policy for assault or battery would be written into state law, and it would even remove protections written into law for offenders who are disabled.

Provisions of Assembly Bill 194 (AB194) would apply to students while on campus, at a school activity or on a school bus. The law covers Nevada public schools.

AB194 also allows the permanent expulsion of a student who is at least 11 years old who sells or distributes any controlled substance.

The extension of expulsions for disabled students will be applied “subject to the requirements of the federal Individuals with Disabilities Education Act,” the bill says.

The bill has the backing of 13 Republicans and two Democrats. Primary sponsors in the Assembly are Republicans Alexis Hansen, Melissa Hardy, Heidi Kasama and Jill Dickman, along with Democratic Assemblywoman Selena Torres and Republican Senator Ira Hansen.