LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Breaking a car window to rescue a child — or a pet — from a hot car wouldn’t be a crime in Nevada under legislation that received initial approval on Thursday in Carson City. But check first to see if the car is locked.

Protections included in Senate Bill 190 (SB190) exempt the rescuer from criminal prosecution. The state had already exempted such actions from civil liability.

SB190 passed on a vote in the Senate Judiciary Committee, which sent it to the Senate floor for consideration.

“Any reasonable means necessary” are covered in such instances, but some new specifics could be put into place. The rescuer must:

  • determine that the motor vehicle is locked or there is no other reasonable way to protect the child or pet
  • report the violation to authorities
  • remain with the child or pet until informed that his or her presence is no longer needed
  • cooperate with authorities

The bill was sponsored by the Senate Judiciary Committee, which is chaired by Democratic Senator Melanie Scheible.