LAS VEGAS (KLAS) – A new bill making its way through the Nevada Legislature could make some big changes in the state education system.

Assembly Bill 400, which is backed by Governor Joe Lombardo, would bring $2 billion to Nevada schools and could shake things up at the Clark County School District.

“I beg you to please support our families,” Valera Gurr of Senior American Federation for Children said. “And support AB 400.”

AB 400, which is also known as The Education, Achievement, Opportunity, and Accountability Act, is what many view as a push for education funding.

“This bill ensures every child has access to the best education possible,” Peter Guzman, President of the Nevada Latin Chamber of Commerce said.

The bill would address four main components connected to education: school choice, early childhood literacy, accountability, and teacher pipeline.

“With this investment comes a high level of expectation for Nevada’s students,” Ben Kieckhefer, Chief of Staff for Governor Lombardo said. “An unprecedented accountability for Nevada school districts and their leadership.”

School Choice, which includes ‘Open Zoning,’ would allow children to attend schools outside of their home area.

“It is about giving families the drivers,” Gurr said. “In the education of their children.”

The proposal would also provide scholarship funding for families under the federal poverty threshold.

“We will never see any outcomes in student achievements,” John Vellardita executive director for Clark County Association added. “Without dedicating more time to instruction.”

Another component would make sure funded programs provide viable results while reinstating a past requirement to hold back students who can’t read by third grade.

It would also address Nevada’s teacher vacancies, by funding raises and providing scholarship opportunities for those studying to be local educators.

“As a mom and as a member of the Hispanic community,” Gurr said. “I have seen firsthand how my community suffers.”

These are changes many said are needed, as thousands work across our state and community to help students succeed.

For more information on AB 400, click HERE.