LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Jeremy Renner made a cameo at the Nevada Legislature on Monday in Carson City.

Renner, best known for his role as Hawkeye in the Marvel Universe, has also been in the news after a Jan. 1 accident when he was dragged under his snowplow at his Lake Tahoe home. He said a bone in his right lower leg was shattered when he tried to stop the snowplow from hitting his nephew. He also suffered from a collapsed lung and a pierced liver.

The public appearance is the most recent as his recovery from injuries continues. In Instagram posts last week, he gave fans a look at his recovery progress, recently starting to jog on a treadmill.

“I’m excited to let you know we have the mayor of Kingstown in the building on the legislative floor in the Assembly today,” Democratic Assemblyman Cameron “C.T.” Miller said as he introduced Renner.

Renner used a cane as he dropped in on floor sessions of the Assembly and Senate.

Democratic Sen. Roberta Lange introduced Renner on the Senate floor with a detail about his early acting career. “During his second year at Modesto Junior College, he played a role as a domestic disturbance perpetrator for an easy $50,” she said.

Renner recently offered public comment about Senate Bill 496, Lange’s legislation to create tax breaks to attract movie studios to Nevada. He got disconnected once, and said, “This is the longest thing I’ve ever done in my life! I’ve been on hold for like four hours,” before urging lawmakers to alter the bill’s language to include prospects in Northern Nevada.

Lange made no mention of that, but she did talk about Renner’s community involvement and his most recent project.

“As a resident of the Nevada side of Lake Tahoe he is well known in the local community in Reno with the actor paying visits to homeless centers on Thanksgiving, helping children choose toys in the local stores,” Lange said.

“Additionally, Renner’s new show, “Rennervations,” featured Reno’s Big Brothers Big Sister as he helped build a mobile recreation center for the children of the community. He is Northern Nevada’s own super hero and we are proud to have him visit us on the Senate floor. Please make Mr. Renner feel welcome,” she said.