Nevada lawmakers discuss AB 141, which would provide protections for tenants struggling due to the pandemic


LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A new eviction bill was introduced Thursday that promises to help tenants struggling because of the pandemic and avoid homelessness, but Assembly Bill 141 is generating buzz because it’s built on two major proposals. 

AB 141 is broken into two major parts:  

  • Seal eviction records for people impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic 
  • Increase the length of time of no-cause eviction notice 

 So, what does this mean? 

If approved, tenants would be required to give landlords a 30-day notice for a lease of less than a year, a 60-day notice for a lease between 1-3 years and 90-day notice for a 3 year or more lease. 

During the virtual meeting, some assembly members of the Judiciary Committee that opposed to the bill said this would not be fair to the landlord, asking for the bill be fair for both parties.  

“As a result of the pandemic, Nevada is on a cliff of a major eviction crisis,” said assemblyman Howard Watts. “During the pandemic, one study found that over half a million Nevadans are at potential risk of eviction due to the pandemic.”  

The second portion of the bill requires automatic seal of records for evictions for any tenant related to the pandemic emergency, which many lawmakers expressed support for. 

Current eviction protections are set to expire on March 31.  

The committee is scheduled to meet Friday, but there is no word yet if this bill will be on the agenda. 

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