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Nevada Democrats to rely on paper ballots for early caucus voting


LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — The Nevada State Democratic Party has released an outline for the upcoming early voting process and it involves using paper-based balloting. Early voting will last four days, from Saturday, Feb. 15, to Tuesday, Feb. 18.

The paper ballots will be available in English, Spanish and Tagalog. These ballots will then be loaded onto party-purchased iPads for caucus day.

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In the memo sent to campaign staff, NV Dems mentioned that they have nearly 3,000 volunteers, including over 80 early vote site leads.

Volunteers will use iPads loaded with a PDF of the Nevada voter roll to check in voters who show up to participate in four days of early voting, according to the memo. Each voter will be given a card with the voter registration ID number and a PIN, both of which the voter will enter when checking in online via a Google form.

The memo also mentioned that if a voter is not registered as a Democrat or needs to update their voter registration, they can do so at their early vote location.

After checking in, early voters will make their presidential preferences by completing their early vote paper ballot. According to the memo, they will then return that ballot and their voter card to the designated ballot box at the early vote site monitored by a trained NV Dems volunteer.

This update comes after news broke that state Democrats will use a “computer tool” for the upcoming caucus. CBS News obtained a photo of a slide used in training for the “tool” that resembles an app.

The party insisted it would not be using an app at all. Paper sign-in sheets will be available if needed.

The party noted paper backups for the entire process will be provided “as we have always planned.”

At the end of each day, NV Dems say the ballot box will be transported to designated ballot processing hubs monitored by the state party where the ballots will be scanned (similar to a scantron) and securely stored.

As far as results and reporting goes, the campaigns will not receive results of the vote, but will receive the data regarding who has voted early. According to the organization, early vote data does not constitute results until it is tabulated on Caucus Day at their home precinct.

In addition, the memo states that no early vote presidential preferences will be shared until precinct caucuses have started.

Details on plans for Feb. 22, caucus day, remain unclear.

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