LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Most voters have received text messages and flyers regarding their ballot, however, one piece of mail is vital if you want your vote to count.

If you mailed in your ballot, you may have heard of the term “signature curing.” If a signature on a mail ballot cannot be verified or a ballot is not signed, it needs to be cured.

If your ballot needs to be cured, Clark County will reach out by phone or mail you a letter. You can either fill the letter out and mail it back or you can respond via text or online.

If you chose to fill out the letter and send it back, it has to be received by Nov. 14.

There is a list on Clark County’s website that shows the names and addresses of voters whose signatures need to be cured.

As for in-person voting, if you signed up to track your ballot you may receive a text message from the Secretary of State’s office. The message will say that you recently cast a ballot in-person at a polling place, if you did not, contact the elections office.

Additionally, the Department of Justice announced that Nevada is one of 24 states that will be monitored to make sure federal voting rights laws will be followed.