I-Team: Precinct captain optimistic about upcoming Nevada caucus


LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Nevada’s caucus is 16 days away, and early voting is nine. The I-Team is trying to find out how Nevada will make sure it’s caucus goes smoother than Iowa.

The Nevada State Democratic Party remains tight-lipped about a plan.

Iowa’s caucus was three days ago, and we still don’t have the results. There are counting errors, the app to tally votes failed and the bottom line? It’s a mess.

The state Democratic Party insists that won’t happen here, but there are still many questions that haven’t been answered.

Michelle Gack, a precinct captain, calls herself a political geek. She’s been canvassing for Democratic presidential hopeful Elizabeth Warren, knocking on door after door in Vegas.

“I’ve been caucusing since the caucus started here in ’08,” she revealed. “What I will do is just make sure everything goes smoothly and that all of the counts are correct, that the people in the Warren corner in my precinct will actually be counted.”

Despite Iowa’s failed caucus, she is confident Nevada’s caucus on Feb. 22 will run smoothly. Early voting starts Feb. 15.

“I really don’t think there’s gonna be any problem,” she said.

The Nevada State Democratic Party paid the same company, Shadow Inc., which created the app used in Iowa.

On Tuesday, the party chair released a statement insisting what happened in Iowa won’t happen here, and they will not be working with that company.

When the I-Team asked about the payment already made to the company, the caucus director confirmed they were working with them but switched gears. She said backups were in place.

We asked Gack what she thought about using old-fashioned pen and paper and humans instead of an app:

“I am all for it. If that’s my personal opinion you want, I’m all for it.”

It was earlier revealed a lack of training for the ap in Iowa was said to be one of the contributing problems. Gack told us she has already attended training since there are many different aspects to being a precinct captain. She expects training on the app to happen closer to caucus day.

So, will Nevada Democrats use a pen and paper or a new or different app? The I-Team reached out again today and was told there was no update to provide.

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