LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — The presidential election is revving up. Early voting in Nevada begins in just five days, and our state’s caucus is in just 12 days on Feb. 22. After the debacle in Iowa, everyone involved in Nevada appears to be on edge.

The I-Team continues to investigate plans as the clock counts down to caucus day.

Democratic political insiders are criticizing the state party for a lack of transparency, for failing to communicate plans with the campaigns and for being disorganized.

But they don’t want to go on camera and call their own party out.

Since the Iowa caucus failed one week ago, the Nevada State Democratic Party said what happened there won’t happen in Nevada and that they would not be using the same app created by tech company Shadow Inc.

They also said they would not be using an app, period.

But over the weekend CBS News obtained a photo of a slide used in training that resembles an app to be used on caucus day. However, the party is calling it a tool.

A tech expert we talked with says ‘call it what you want, but it’s an app,’ and there is the potential for failures like Iowa’s on Feb. 22.

“… Not giving enough time to testing causes problems, but also not giving enough time for training, which I could see causing major problems in Nevada,” said Shannon Wilkinson, CEO of Tego Cyber Inc. “Now that they’ve switched technologies, they’re not gonna have time to actually train people on how to use the app correctly, so that’s gonna be a challenge when we come to the Nevada caucus.”

The I-Team reached out again today to Nevada Democrats for an interview and answers to our questions. They were not answered.

We have not heard from party Chairman William McCurdy II.

The party has not shared who created the app or tool, how long they’ve been testing it, when volunteers will be trained to use it and how early voting will happen on Feb. 15.

We are working to get those answers before early voting begins Saturday.