LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — In response to unfounded allegations of widespread fraud in Nevada, the Secretary of State’s Office issued a fact sheet Friday, saying it was aware of a few instances of voter fraud, but nothing widespread.

The comment is in line with the I-Team’s reporting of few cases of fraud, including two deceased people having ballots cast in their names and five people voting twice. All of the cases were forwarded to the secretary of state. No criminal charges related to the election in Nevada had been filed as of Monday.

 “While we are pursuing action in a number of isolated cases, we have yet to see any evidence of widespread fraud,” the fact sheet said. Nevada Secretary of State Barbara Cegavske, a Republican, has repeatedly said the election was secure.

Nevada courts, including the Supreme Court of Nevada, heard four cases after the November election involving allegations of voter fraud. Attorneys for President Donald Trump’s re-election campaign had asked the state supreme court to reverse a district court judge’s decision to not overturn Nevada’s presidential election result. No court found the evidence credible to change the results of the election.

The evidence, which included 20 binders-worth of materials, was submitted to the court under seal, meaning it could not be viewed publicly. It continues to be shielded from public view.

“Hearsay, unfounded accusations and anonymous declarations are not evidence and will not be investigated,” the office said.

Regarding allegations of non-citizens registering to vote, the office wrote, “It is a felony for non-citizens to register to vote or cast a ballot in Nevada. Any individuals who are found to have voted illegally will be prosecuted.”

As of Friday, there was no evidence of any non-citizen voting in the election, officials said.

The office also confirmed votes cast in Nevada are counted in Nevada, and a post-election audit showed election machines worked properly.

Attorney General Bill Barr, a Republican, has said there was no evidence of widespread voter fraud in the 2020 election. Biden won the election in Nevada by more than 33,000 votes statewide.